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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

How do I sign up for your service?

Register with RAGBRAI for the ride.

Register with Ron Oman Charters

Contact us if you have any questions.

Get ready for a great time!


What should I expect at the camp site?

Our drivers take pride in getting to the stay-over towns early to get a prime camping site. When you get to camp each day, take a shower, set up your tent and relax under our canopies with an ice cold drink from our beverage service. When you wake up in the morning, you will take down your tent and load up your luggage onto one of our trucks to get ready for the next days ride.


Are we able to charge cell phones?

Yes, we will have a large charging station set up in one of the trucks, which will allow you to charge your cell phones and mp3 players.